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Global Data Privacy Intelligence

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The DataVista™ Story

Founded in 2017 Vox has developed from a bespoke GDPR consultancy service into providers of market defining data privacy software.

Recognising the need for intuitive, real-time monitoring and reporting solutions to support the growing Data Privacy community, the DataVista portal has evolved from its academic foundation at one of the UK’s top IT University faculties, into a commercial data privacy portal that can operate across the globe.

Built and maintained by the architects of the AmEx, Intel and Visa platforms, the scale and versatility of the DataVista portal allows for an infinite amount of concurrent data to be securely and rapidly processed, stored and delivered at the fastest search speeds available.

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Intelligent Data Privacy assurance at your fingertips

  • The leading interactive Global Data Privacy platform for use by DPOs, Risk Managers, Data Privacy consultants and specialists.
  • An automated, easy to interpret cost effective suite of tools.
  • Intuitive dashboard design also suitable for non-technical users
  • Complete control and visualisation of your organisation’s global data privacy obligations
  • Provides a bespoke road map and journey towards the position of an on-going automatic monitoring of your global data privacy governance
  • Mitigate reputational risk and fines due to non-compliance in matters of data privacy.
  • Incorporates all major global data privacy legislation
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The Complete Data Privacy Compliance and Monitoring Solution

  • Creates a real-time visualisation of your on-going compliance status
  • Immediately identifies non-compliance gaps that appear during day-to-day business activities
  • Creates automatic company-wide alerts of non-compliance and incomplete tasks
  • Dissects complex data compliance legislation into a series of easy to understand commentaries
  • Full access to step-by-step guidance for navigation and ease of understanding
  • A comprehensive library of data compliance policies and procedures automatically personalised to your organisation
  • Complements and Integrates with your existing data compliance procedures and work streams
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Tailored Gap Analysis and Status Reports

  • Our Status Reports enable your organisation to quickly establish an early indication of your global data privacy compliance status. Can also be used to assess the status of your supply chain within 72 hours regardless of size and global outreach.
  • Our GAP Analysis Reports create a roadmap for your data compliance journey in as little as one working day.
  • By utilising the DataVista reports your business has an immediate benefit of risk mitigation, demonstrating you have commenced the journey towards data privacy compliance.
  • Creates an immediate cost effective data privacy position, for peace of mind within your entire organisation
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Consultancy Services

In addition to DataVista™ our team of legal, data security and human resources experts are at hand to partner with you on your data privacy journey.

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