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Banking and Financial Services Industry

Due to the perceived value of the underlying data, the financial services industry is a primary target for data breaches. At Vox we understand the reputational risks associated with breach events and the need to ensure that client data is secure and processed correctly.

We are also aware that organisations in the Financial Services sector are faced with increasing scrutiny from their industry regulators on the management of sensitive data. A failure to have an adequate data management system in place could lead to regulatory fines and other sanctions.

As the trend to remote working and ‘bring-your-own-device’ policies increases across the BFSI industry, employee access and transfer of data across the internet only add to these risks. Whilst data breaches may not be avoidable, data privacy regulations such as GDPR impose a heavy burden on the financial sector to ensure that adequate processes are in place to demonstrate ongoing compliance to the regulations. Whether your organisation uses an in-house or outsourced Data Protection Officer tasked with achieving and maintaining compliance the Vox DataVista platform keeps you on top of the ever-increasing workload.

With Status and GAP Analysis reports to highlight any compliance gaps in your organisation, DataVista also provides a time saving and cost-effective automated solution to help alleviate the burden of ongoing compliance maintenance. With easy to follow screens and instructions the portal also allows for the setting and monitoring of tasks, ensuring adequate measures are in place to keep your business up to date with the governance of its data.