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IT and Telecoms

At Vox we see the active telecoms efforts to expand capacity in line with the escalating demand across both the business and consumer markets for Internet video and data traffic, and increasing use of mobile devices, and also the urgent need to link up cloud-based data centres to private networks and enterprise customers. Within this expanding market we also understand the practical issues of a managing and staying current internal data compliance procedures.

We are also aware of the need to effectively manage your external and optimize your supply chain, the safeguarding the personal data of subscribers, and the need to effectively protect sensitive information such as call histories under data privacy laws such as GDPR. We also understand that within these transformational times how critical it is to provide and maintain consumer trust in transparent policies on data collection and data usage.

The DataVista platform if the perfect tool to assess, improve, implement and monitor your entire digital estate. From reports that can identify supply chain gaps immediately, to internal clear GAP analysis diagnostics and business improvement tools and an ongoing automatic monitoring regime the DataVista can provide instant and ongoing data privacy peace of mind throughout your organisation through these transformational times.