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At Vox we understand the requirements of those within the manufacturing sector who acquire, and manage the data of suppliers, vendors, and direct consumers, some of which may be of a cross-border nature into areas with different data privacy laws.

With data privacy legislation updates and changes occurring on a regular basis, not having access to the correct ongoing processes and reporting tools to enable you to keep current within the regulations. This continues to create an increasing and arduous work stream burden and potential exposure to non-compliance on a daily basis.

We are also aware of the impact that the forthcoming fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) will have on the manufacturing industry in the coming years. Increasingly greater software systems and solutions will be required to support the high-level integration and advances in process automation, connectivity and robotics. Alongside this the data produced by the optimization of supply chains & logistics, autonomous equipment & vehicles, and the deployment of IoT and Cloud technologies, will require a greater and ongoing focus on ensuring the adherence to increasing and changing global data privacy laws.

Understanding these challenges, the intuitive Vox DataVista portal is a perfect solution for the manufacturing industry. Designed to provide automatic updates and reminders of your legislative position on an ongoing basis, regardless of where your supplier, vendor and consumer data and your supply chain is located across the globe. To enable the quick and efficient understanding of your current data privacy position our Status Report and GAP Analysis Report also provide the manufacturing industry with the tools to rapidly understand its current legislative position sufficient to mitigate any unwarranted investigation into both its internal processes and within its supply chain.