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Data Privacy legislation such as GDPR has provided people with a mechanism to control the way their personal information is collected, stored and used, with also the right to request the erasure removal or denial of access to personal data.

Consent is now required from people receiving a promotional material online, whilst a company is liable to face fines and suffer severe reputational risk if an email is sent to a person who has already opted out of receiving these emails. There are also additional legislative requirements for marketing firms, in the purchase of any personal data. Whether your marketing works off Excel spreadsheets, online collaborative documents such as Google Docs or an automated CRM system, the monitoring of these systems to ensure individuals who have opted out are not contacted is an onerous ongoing task.

For those in the marketing space either directly or as the marketing leader of a business, the team at Vox realizes the need support the management of data compliance through automated online tools and processes to mitigate risk and , ensure adherence to the regulations. We also understand the challenge of training to staff of these ongoing data compliance requirements as part of their business activities.. The DataVista Status and GAP Analysis Reports can provide peace of mind by providing an immediate understanding of your current adherence to the regulations and set you on the journey to compliance. Our intuitive, interactive monitoring portal will then automatically keep you current, set reminders and tasks and monitor your ongoing position to provide governance to your organisation.