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Public Sector

At Vox we understand the burdens data privacy legislation such as GDPR places upon the Public Sector DPO. We also understand the increasing data gathering workloads, and processing challenges faced by sector DPOs, with limited resources and inadequate data privacy software tools.

Beyond handling a much greater workload without additional resources, DPOs suggested that gathering information in a timely manner, and finding that information in the first place, were also major challenges in fulfilling requests. A recent IT industry survey examined how data protection staff managed data protection requests and subject access requests (SARs).

  • Just 13% of DPOs used specialist purpose-built commercial tools
  • 33% processed such requests manually using spreadsheets.
  • 54% of DPOs used in-house custom-build platforms to handle requests, this method inspired the least amount of confidence, with a third of DPOs lacking confidence in such tools.

In an environment that places specific rules and restrictions on the protection, processing and consents of personal data the DataVista portal is designed for use by the public sector DPO faced with the governance of an organisations data privacy compliance.

The DataVista portal is a complete, agile up-to-the-minute data privacy governance and reporting solution that alleviates the burden of increasing workloads and the stress of potential non-compliance issues, in a fraction of the time currently taken to undertake these tasks. The intuitive portal solution has been designed to allow the user to easily navigate their way through the initial compliance assessments, creating organisation-wide time sensitive tasks to stay on top of the workload.

DataVista also creates an automated compliance maintenance section tailored to the requirements of your business, streamlining your ongoing tasks and creating a governance and management reporting function.