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Retail and E-Commerce

At Vox we understand the burdens that Data Privacy legislation such as GDPR & CCPA place on retailers. Supply chain compliance, staff training and internal data privacy procedures are added to any databases held on customers for marketing purposes.

Multiple customer touchpoints such as email, mobile applications, and franchise stores among others require retailers to take consent from customers on any data that is stored and also clarify on intended usage of the data to conform to GDPR laws. Company policies are required for providing personal information, and also for deleting data when requested.

Additionally, the Data Privacy safeguarding burden for those with e-commerce sales increases with distance from the customer compared to traditional retail formats. As digital transformation continues, online market trends estimate that eCommerce will account for 60% of retail spending by 2020-21. Whilst further data privacy burdens are likely to come as estimates predict that blockchain & tokenization will be integrated into financial services by 2023. The Vox portal can help you quickly understand your Data Privacy position and help you build a tailored roadmap to quickly relieve your stresses. Our portal will then provide monitoring of your compliance requirements, and set automatic reminders and tasks to help you report your position with ease.