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DataVista Supply Chain Analysis & Monitoring Tool

Considered to be the biggest threat to a organisations on going data privacy compliance, governance of the supply chain is often an ongoing, complex and worrying situation. At Vox we understand that attempting to gain even a basic, quantifiable data privacy compliance position throughout a supply chain ecosystem can be both time and cost prohibitive.

Our ground breaking tools will help you:

  • Create a supply chain governance position within 72 hours of implementation regardless of its size and location
  • Create a targeted remediation roadmap across all suppliers
  • Monitor the ongoing remediation process through automatic alerts and updates
  • Effective and effortless ongoing control over any movement within the supply chain
  • Simple and easy to install, manage and use for you and your supply chain
  • Savings of over 80% against current assessment methods

In order to choose the right plan and pricing for your organisation please contact us: